Partnering with God at Work


What moves you?

Do you desire to see more of God in your workspace? To seamlessly integrate the spiritual and practical, and witness a life-giving culture emerge in your work setting?

It can become a reality; Bill Job and I, Gea Gort, have experienced it! God desires to partner with us so that His purposes may be realized

At BAM Moves, we gather powerful examples from around the globe so that you receive insights, tools, and encouragement through training, coaching, and podcast series.

Empower business leaders to align with God,
resulting in joy and fruitfulness;
spiritually and professionally.

Kingdom Mindsets for Business

We, Bill and Gea, invite you to embark on a transformative journey,
to discover a seamless alignment with the Lord,
to unlock the ability to receive divine solutions for your work-related challenges,
to enable you to grow through challenges and thrive amidst adversities.
In your daily life, at work.

Is this for you?

You might be wondering:

Is such a training for me? I’m not that spiritual, I’m practical.’

Know that God desires to have a normal relationship with all His children, instead of a ‘spiritual one’ (whatever that means).

‘I didn’t attend seminary, and did’t have much desire either.’  
This actually might be an advantage, as you will hear that Bill had to unlearn quite a few assumptions, which he had picked up at seminary!

‘What do my business and working life have to do with God’s Kingdom? Shouldn’t I earn money to give to Kingdom causes?’  

You’ll be surprised to learn how much God desires to be part of your daily working life, and what it can look like. Growing in that awareness will totally enrich your life! 

Draw inspiration from the real-life, down-to-earth experiences of a seasoned business leader, while the material is presented clear and to the point. Visual attractive through video, audio and text. 

BAM Moves

Coaching & Podcast


Receive empowerment through our coaching services. Don't navigate your path alone, but share your story, and let us offer advice, support, and prayer – chances are, we've faced similar challenges. Additionally, tap into our global connections through the Business as Mission movement, with the opportunity to connecting you with like-minded individuals worldwide and benefit from a supportive community.


Prepare to be inspired by the captivating narratives featured in our bi-weekly podcast, hosted by the two of us: Gea and Bill. Join us as we engage in insightful interviews with global leaders who share a common desire - witnessing the transformative power of God in the realm of business. Tune in regularly for a dose of motivation and wisdom that transcends geographical boundaries.

The people behind BAM Moves

Gea and Bill

Gea Gort

Gea aims to clarify pathways to the fullness of life in Christ at work. She has conducted research on Business as Mission, exploring the opportunities it offers and the necessary mindsets to cultivate life-giving workspaces. With a background in journalism and a Doctor of Ministry (DMin) in Missiology and Transformational Leadership, Gea has authored several books on Business as Mission, including 'BAM Global Movement.' As the co-founder of BAM Netherlands, she leads the movement on Dutch soil.

Bill Job

Bill was a BAM-practitioner in China for 32 years, initiating eight companies. During this time, he witnessed God's presence in the workspace: employees found God, he received ideas for designs from the Lord to build machinery and won the government award for 'the company with the most love' for seven consecutive years. Bill gained invaluable insights on aligning with the Lord in a joy-filled manner and now feels an assignment to pass them on.

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Bill Job
'The way my business adventure with the Lord unfolded was engaging and encouraging.'
Gea Gort
'You will get surprising insights; keys to tap into His recourses.'
Bill Job
'You will learn that the burden is much lighter than you think.'
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Business as Mission (BAM)

BAM Moves is connected with a global movement called Business as Mission. A movement of people who want to make the world more beautiful and fairer through business, and who regard their daily work as a means to forward God’s Kingdom. BAM Moves makes this tangible and translates ideas from all over the world into hands-on training.

 Find out more at Business as Mission, BAM Global or BAM Netherlands

BAM Moves