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Business as Mission (BAM)

Are you an entrepreneur or a leader in a business? Do you want to give God an active role in your workspace? BAM Moves aims to give keys to men and women who want to be fruitful for Gods Kingdom and excel professionally, because we believe that God wants to partner with us – so that His purposes be realised. 

BAM Moves is connected with a global movement called Business as Mission. A movement of people who want to make the world more beautiful and fairer through business, and who regard their daily work as a means to forward God’s Kingdom. BAM Moves makes this tangible and translates ideas from all over the world into hands-on training.

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What moves you?

You want more of God in your life, work and business. BAM Moves wants to come alongside through an inspiring podcast, short and to-the-point courses, coaching and retreats.

What will help you?

Online platform

Strengthen your partnership with God and become professionally excellent and spiritual fruitful in your daily life through the courses Kingdom Keys for Business on this platform. The courses (in development) are rooted in real-life experiences. We have chosen for a hybrid approach: an online learning environment, 1-on-1 coaching on request, and an optional retreat.


Join a deep dive and take 32 hours to reflect together with other business leaders on the integration of work and faith. Gea Gort and seasoned BAM-practitioner Bill Job will give practical insights, facilitate meaningful sharing and engagement times with the Lord. The next retreats will be held June 29 & 30 in a small castle in the Netherlands, later this year we consider to organise one in another European country.


Get inspired by the BAM podcast series. Gea Gort and Bill Job discuss ideas and mindsets in search for Kingdom Keys for business: how can our business setting make a difference? Other entrepreneurs are invited to join the search. Candid conversations about blessings, challenges and breakthroughs. The podcast will be launched June 28th.

The people behind BAM Moves

Gea and Bill

Gea Gort

Gea researches Business as Mission: both the opportunities BAM offers, as well as the mindsets needed to develop life-giving businesses. As journalist and scholar (DMin Missiology/Transformational Leadership) Gea has written several books about Business as Mission, among them 'BAM Global Movement'. As co-founder of BAM Netherlands, she leads the movement on Dutch soil.

Bill Job

Bill was BAM-practitioner in China for 32 years. He started eight companies that still exsist and experienced God move in the work space: employees found God, he received ideas for designs from the Lord to build machinery and won the government award for 'the company with the most love' for seven consecutive years. Bill gained surprising insights into how to align with the Lord and feels an assignment to pass them on.

Training 'Kingdom Keys for Business'

Discover Kingdom Keys for your business.
The training is based on Bill Job’s Business as Mission experiences in China. At the beginning of his journey Bill discovered that his preconceived ideas about his own identity turned out to be wrong as well as what God expected him to do. He became fruitful and excelled in business.

What keys did he discover?


The podcast will be released June 28th 2023; the links will appear here and in your favourite podcast app. 

Bill Job
“The way my business adventure with the Lord unfolded was engaging, fun and encouraging.
Gea Gort
“You will get surprising insights; keys to tap into His recourses.”
Bill Job
"You will learn that the burden is much lighter than you think.”
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