Kingdom Mindsets for Business

This training will empower business leaders and professionals to partner with God at work, resulting in joy and fruitfulness; professionally and spiritually. Join our 10-week online program, including six bi-weekly online sessions with Bill and Gea. The next training will start Wednesday, September 4th. It will take maximum two hours per week of your time. Due to the small group setting, limited space is available. 

Thirty-five years of Bill’s experience walking with God in business are condensed in an easily digestible format, presented through video, audio, and text—straightforward and attractive

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What will I learn?

  • Through this training, you will embark on a transformative journey, achieving seamless alignment with the Lord. You will unlock the ability to receive divine solutions for your work-related challenges and learn about mindsets that enable you to thrive amidst adversities. A personality test will give you insights in your own unique personality — as fashioned by God.


Kingdom Mindsets for Business
Bill Job's assumptions were challenged in his journey as a Business as Mission practitioner; God taught him ways to become more fruitful

  • Welcome & What to Expect
  • How the Training is Presented

A Mindset of Abiding versus Serving
As we abide more and more in Him, our insight grows that we are not alone.

His Company versus My Company
Partnering with My Master & Friend

A Kingdom Oriented Worldview
Living the Story of the Gospel 24-Hours-a-Day

Building Kingdom Culture
Modeling by doing and building a loving fellowship

Receiving Divine Solutions for Challenges at Work
Seeking Faithful People versus Influential People

Thriving Amidst Adversities
About Workship, Joy and Eternity

Gods Omnipresence & Personality Test
Different ways to experience God's presence

Kingdom Mindsets for Business

$ 697.00

A training with Bill Job & Gea Gort

What to expect

  • The training is engaging, easy to follow, and to the point, delivered through video, audio, and text formats. It is grounded in the real-life experiences of Business as Mission practitioner Bill Job; through his stories, you will explore mindset shifts, clarifying how these unlock partnership with God. Additional historical and contemporary examples and scholarly resources will enhance the insights you acquire. Each chapter includes reflection exercises, and at the end of the course, you can take a 'spiritual style' personality test.

Designed for

  • This training is designed for Christians seeking to seamlessly integrate their faith into their businesses/daily working lives. It caters to business leaders, professionals, and individuals involved in church and missions. Discounts are available when you want to follow this training as a team in your business, church study group, or in case of a limited budget. Share with us your situation. Mail to